Angie’s Kinder Academy is a Superior Preschool for children ages 2-6.  We offer a strong academic program that includes a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) providing enriching and exciting learning opportunities in a safe and loving environment.

We offer a wide range of Programs to suit the educational needs and financial abilities of all parents and students. It is our desire to make a great quality program within reach of all.

We offer an individual based approach to learning. Our teachers adjust and cater the program to offer the most benefit to each individual child based on their skills and needs. Our purpose is to offer our students all of the tools necessary to succeed in school for years to come, and most importantly…to LOVE IT!!!

The Advantages

  • Personalized Learning Plan. We believe that “one size does not fit all.” We cater to your child’s individual learning needs, and adjust our curriculum accordingly.
  • Small Class Sizes. Your child will get the one-on-one attention they need and deserve.
  • Excellent professional curriculum. We use a variety of professional curricula to meet the needs of all students.
  • Educators teach necessary skills in a fun and loving environment. We want to encourage your children to love learning.
  • Secondary focus on music and movement. We believe that stimulating the senses is vital to ensuring a well-rounded child.
  • Class supplies and snacks provided.

Our Story

I opened Angie’s Kinder Academy in the fall of 2006 after finding there was a huge need for a great early learning school in the area.

Prior to this, I had been a full-time substitute teacher for Weber County School District for two years. I had seen an overwhelming number of students that were academically behind and saw first hand how hard it was for them to catch up, many of them never did.

It was at this time I began looking for a preschool for my 2 year old daughter. Much to my dismay I had to visit ten preschools before I was able to find one I felt was suitable. In my search I discovered that many so-called preschools were simply providing services similar to daycare and very little academic learning. I believe preschool and daycare to be two very different services that should not be mixed.

At Angie’s Kinder Academy we provide a strong academic based learning environment while teaching these skills in such a fun, loving, and exciting way that children hardly know they are learning, but they are. Our students are excelling far beyond expectations for entering into kindergarten. And most importantly, THEY LOVE IT!

I have worked very hard to create what I believe to be the best early learning school in the area, and am always striving to make it better. I look forward to creating many great learning memories with you and your child.

~ Miss Angie ~