Preschool aged children have a natural disposition toward science with their sense of curiosity and creativity. They are naturally interested in science and math. Almost everything a young child does involves exploring their world. Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) program will utilize this curiosity by providing meaningful hands-on STEAM experiences that positively impacts their perceptions and dispositions towards STEAM.

Research has shown that lessons within the curriculum identified a positive impact on student achievement and when children are introduced to STEAM at an early age, there tends to be less gender-based stereotypes and fewer obstacles regarding STEAM.

Young children need time to explore, create, and innovate. They want to learn basic knowledge and gain understanding of how the world works.

Angie’s Kinder Academy STEAM program provides a fun and engaging pathway for students to explore a wider range of exciting areas in science, math, and engineering.  We will help prepare them for careers in the 21st century by exploring coding, robotics, and the engineering design process. STEAM benefits a whole learner approach by allowing them hands-on experiences, exposure to the creative process, opportunities for problem solving techniques, and allows development of meaningful collaboration and communication skills.



STEAM Camp Schedule/Pricing Options


8:20-11:50     $140 Per Month          $75 Enrollment/Supply Fee



STEAM Camp Sample Schedule

The following times may vary depending on your child’s class.


Makerspace Rotations (Innovate & Create using a variety of materials)


Science Discovery Zone (Hands on science lesson & experiment)




Art Creation Station (Reinforce weekly science curriculum with art)


Food Experience


Engineering Workshop (Create using the Engineering Design Process)


Free Time Center Exploration
11:00-11:20 Math Learning Lab (Hands on math fun)



Technology & Robotics Factory (coding and robotics rotations)

Clean Up Time